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Fresh on the heels of the relaunch of the orthotictechnicians.com web site sees the relaunch of the technician forum.  This forum is for all technicians out there be they Orthotic or Prosthetic and we hope it will become a major source for being able to share information.  How many times have you tried a different material and found that it has not worked for you or have you forgotten where you sourced that joint that you have not used for a few years.  Well the forum now gives you an opportunity to post a question and hopefully find the answer from a fellow professional out there.




Recent discussions have centred on pay scales, which is an interesting one, springing plastic and the BAPO conference 2011.




To find the forum go to www.orthotictechnicians.com <http://www.orthotictechnicians.com/>  and click on the forum tab at the top.  You can view the forums as a guest or if you want to join in the debate just complete the short registration form.  The forum is international and already we have some technicians joining from USA so come on in and join the debate.



Posted: Wednesday 18 May 2011


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