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Dear janette

Thank you to all those that attended this years AGM. In this newsletter we have:

  • The link to the AGM minutes 
  • Information on Accreditation requirements
  • Information about our sponsors 

AGM Minutes

The AGM minutes can be found on the website.  The link to the AGM has been put into the members only section of the website so you will find it there (or click here) .  It has also been added to the library under NZOPA Meeting and Training Day Notes

A pdf of those minutes can also be downloaded here.

The video of the Conference presentation by Gary Bateman, Edith Morris, Smith and Nephew, and Jackie Blue will be added to the website in the next few weeks and we will let you know when they are all there ready to view.

Certification/Accreditation requirements

We have become aware that there is some confusion over the requirements for obtaining your accreditation or certification for BOC.  So in an effort to clarify we have put the requirements below and members will be sent a letter with details of exactly what case studies have been contributed to the 2010 to 2011 year's accreditation and how many you still need to complete if you haven't already, or what case studies will contribute to the 2011 to 2012 years accreditation.


To receive your BOC certificate which indicates your successful accreditation or certification you need to have completed preferrably between the 1st of April on year to the 31st of March the following year the following:

- 6 case studies submitted to the website. (see the details below about how to submit these case studies)

- attended 1 NZOPA training day (or NZOPA approved training day)

- paid your membership fees


The training days referred to in the requirements are NZOPA training days and NZOPA approved training days.  The new executive team will be working on the process for having non-NZOPA training days approved and the process that members and training day course holders should do to ensure the accreditation requirements are met.  Details of this and the first list of approved training days will be sent out to members as soon as it becomes available.



Details of how to submit the case studies can be found at the top of the Case Study page.  Our preference at the moment is that case studies be emailed to or and we will load them onto the site and ensure it is put into our check list for accreditation.

One of the advantages of doing it this way is that you can add as many images as you like, and have images put throughout your case study to reference your notes.

A WORD template can be downloaded from the Case Study page of the website for you to use.   Or you can download it from here

Also be aware that privacy will be an issue for some patients and we have two templates for obtaining client approval to use their case.  These are available at the bottom of the Case Study page on the website, or you can download them here.

Client approval template 1

Client approval template 2


Thanks again to our Conference and AGM Sponsors

Thanks again to our sponsors for the Conference and AGM.  It was fantastic to have your displays in the room and the opportunity to meet and talk about your products.

Informaton about our Sponsors can still be found on the website or by clicking here 

























Kind Regards

Your Admin Team



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