Dec 2011 Newsletter

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Welcome to another edition of our  newsletter. In this newsletter we have:

  • Summary of the Training Day in Australia we had on the 11th of November
  • Upcoming Events:  the NZ Training Day and the AGM
  • Reminder of Accreditation Requirements.
  • Feel Real Video Series 

NZOPA Australian Training Day

We're pleased to say that the NZOPA Training Day in Australia went really well.  The day saw presentations by:

JOHN WALSH: Gait Analysis


Dr Walsh discussed the biomechanics of three case studies: two Cerebral Palsy and one hemiplegic. He also ran through the gait analysis of each of these individuals. This presentation highlighted the advantage of doing a full analysis of the gait and attendees saw the pre and post differences that can be achieved with orthotic management.

MICHELLE GORDON: Physio in Gait Analysis

Michelle discussed the physiotherapist’s involvement in the gait analysis and assistance they give to both orthopaedic surgeon and pa- tient. This included assisting the orthopaedic surgeon in assessing the patient’s capabilities in ambulating, looking at the range of motion and muscle function and assisting the patient with ambulating with the or- thoses.


Charl discussed which orthotics are available and showing the ultraflex ankle and knee orthosis that is available and its uses and benefits. 

We very appreciative of those from New Zealand who made the effort to travel over for this training day and welcome any summary of the day and the learning achieved. 


NZ Training Day

Moss Henderson has been working hard at putting together the NZ training day that will be either the 3rd or the 11th of March 2012 - so keep and eye out in future newsletter for exactly what day and if you can keep your calendar clear.  

This traing day will include information, discussion and presentations involving: 

  • Assessment techniques and tools 
  • Case discussion and orthotic solutions 
  • Video analysis workshop 
  • Case study presentation 
  • Orthotic solutions originally used for case studies
  • Outcomes and learning criteria 
  • ... and much much more

Its looking to be a very interesting training day and well worth getting along to.  Also don't forget that you need to attend at least one training day to gain your accreditation so if you haven't attended one already then this may be your chance to.   More information on the accreditation criteria is below. 


NZOPA Conference and AGM 2012


This year we are holding the NZOPA Conference and AGM in Wellington and CQ Conference Centre which is situated with the Quality Hotel and Comfort Hotel in Cuba Street.  The Hotels have plenty of accommodation which you can book directly, or the Conference Venue is close enough to  a range of alternative accommodation, hotels and motels if you prefer to stay off site. 


Thanks to our training survey we asked you all to participate in early this year, we have responded to your feedback and have set this year's Conference on Diabetes and Lower Limbs.  We will be revealing presenters and speakers over the next few months and will let you all know as soon as registrations open. 


The Executive Team have been busy working on the mandate you set us at the AGM this year, and will have reading material for you in preparation for the 2012 AGM that will be distributed to all members in the new year.   This includes membership levels, and a business case analysis on the proposed change of structure for the association.   



Accreditation Requirements

To obtain your accreditation you must complete 6 case studies and attend at least 1 accredited training day.  You can email your case studies to the admin team, or submit them online yourself. There are details on how to submit the case studies on the website.  You must also pay your membership fees. (Invoices will be sent out at the beginning of February for these)

If you can not attend an accredited training day (such as one of the NZOPA training days) then you need to contact the admin team by the 7th of January to let us know, and then must complete 3 additional case studies. 

If you have any questions at all about accreditation requirements please contact one of the BOC team.  Hiren Champenari, Charl Botha, or Alarna Tuck.  If you would like to know what you have completed to date please contact the admin team.  We are keeping a running record of all case studies submitted, and what training days our members have attended. 


Feel Real Video Series

For those who would like to view a video series

Attached is the first installment of the "Feel Real" YouTube proposed educational video series. This video series is designed to convey in a "jargon-free" format the role applied rehabilitation science (neural, biomechanical and clinical O&P) plays in assisting O&P clients maintain or regain a sense of wholeness and normality when using an O&P device. Aside from the inherent psychological and aesthetic benefits, normalization of sensory perception skills goes hand in hand with normalizing body imagery skills, and the interaction of these skills is absoutely essential in the acquisition of sensorimotor or control and manipulation skills. I have been remiss in excluding the contributions of medicine and medical specialties such as PT, OT and PM&R as well as developmental and clinical psychology from this series. However, we are in the planning stage for a second series that will include their invaluable and indispensable contribution.

A 6500 word theoretical paper on which this educational series is based is available on line and can be obtained at or you can request this paper by emailing I encourage your comments, perspectives and questions, and with permission, will bring them to the attention of our viewers in subsequent segments.

Here is the Youtube Link for all those interested


That's it for this newsletter.  We will be back early next year with updates on the events and more information about the great presentations we had at the Australian Training Day.

Wishing you all a very happy festive season. 



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