AGM Conference Newsletter April 2012

Welcome to another edition of our monthly newsletter. In this newsletter we have:

Conference Programme and Speakers AGM Pre-Reading Materia Executive Nominations Receipts, Certificates and General Business

Conference Programme

The draft programme for the conference is out. There are some great presentations and speakers lined up this year. You can register online here and you can find out more about our speakers here

AGM Pre-Reading Material

Don't forget to log into the NZOPA website and access the pre-reading material for this years AGM. You will need to know all about what you will be voting on this year including:

- New Structure for the AGM - New Membership Levels and changes to membership criteria

All pre-reading material, proxy voting forms, etc are available under the AGM 2012 Reading Material which is in the menu when you log into the members only section of the website.

Executive Nominations

Nominations have been recieved for the Executive Positions. You will be voting on these at the AGM. All positions now have nominations, so there will be no need to call for nominations from the floor this year. If you can not attend the AGM but would like to vote you need to fill out a proxy form and give your voting preferences to a member who will be attending this year's AGM.

Proxy forms can be downloaded online under the AGM Reading Material, forms and documents, or email Janette and have one emailed to you (

You can review the list of nominees under AGM Reading Material, Executive Position Nominations. Below are the executive positions and nominations. You will be voting for the following people at the AGM

President Nominations Paul Stopforth (nominated by Shane Jansen, seconded by Cherry Holliday) Mark Leonida (nominated by Moss Henderson, seconded by Hiren Champenari)

Vice President Taryn Seaman (nominated by HIren Champenari, seconded by Shiv Sheet)

Secretary Alarna Tuck (nominated by Cherry Holliday, seconded by Shane Jansen) Noelle Heffron (nominated by Hiren Champenari, seconded by Moss Henderson)

Treasurer Arjun Sharma (nominated by Harry Dean, seconded by Paul Stopforth) Taryn Seaman (nominated by Hiren Champenari, seconded by Mark Leonida)

Education Officer Cherry Holliday (nominated by Paul Stopforth, seconded by Charl Botha)

Committee Members

Francois Smuts (nominated by Hiren Champenari, seconded by Moss Henderson)

Neil Derbyshire (nominated by Hiren Champenari, seconded by Moss Henderson)

Moss Henderson (nominated by Shiv Sheet, seconded by Hiren Chapenari)

Rogery Odey (nominated by Blair Gardiner, seconded by Paul Stopforth)

Ashley Du Toit (nominated by Chris Pullar, seconded by Paul Stopforth)

Board of Certification

Charl Botha stays on as an existing member and has two more years in this position.

Kerry Vickers (nominated by Cherry Holliday, seconded by Colin Storey)

Receipts, Certificates and General Business

Janette has been procesing all of the invoices, the large number of last minutes submissions of case studies etc. All receipts for invoices will be done over the coming weeks and emailed to all members. All certificates for membership and accreditation will be available at the AGM. For those members that do not attend the AGM your certificates will be posted to you after the AGM.

Please be aware that the SeaStarr email address that has been used in the past to reach admin will shortly no longer be in use. Please direct all communication to the admin team to of

If you have any queries about registering for the Conference and AGM please contact Janette -

Kind Regards The Admin Team 

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