Postal Ballot Request

Dear janette

The AGM this year  is one of the most important meetings the Association has had possibly in its history.  

Last year, the suggestion was made to change the structure of the Association.   For the past 10 months the current Executive has been working on:

  • a Business Case that explores the possible new structure in more depth;
  •  looks at the strengths and weaknesses of both the existing structure and potential new structure;
  • explores in more detail what would be involved in a new structure in terms of;
    •  who might be on the Board;
    • roles and responsibilities of both the Board and Executive appointed to carry out the business of the Association;
    • the benefits;
    • the impact on other areas of the Association and much more.


The Business Case is available to read on the website under the AGM Reading Material /Association Structure section when you log into the website. 

I am aware that, due to financial constraints and other reasons, there are some Members who will not be able to make to the AGM.  I am interested in ensuring that the process is as open and fair as possible, and that all Members get the opportunity to be involved in the discussion and to cast their vote.  So I would like to suggest that we take a postal vote as per Rule 17 in our Association Rules. 

17       Postal Ballott                                                             

            The Executive Committee may and will, if required by writing by 10 Members, submit any question concerning the Association to a postal ballot of all Members.  Such postal ballot will be conducted by the Secretary and the question will be decided by a majority of those actually voting. 

I would like to suggest that we hold a postal ballot to determine whether we as members want to implement the new structure, and also to vote in the new Executive.   Nominations on the executive roles have already been sent to you.  

If we have 10 members agree to the postal ballot,  I will send out an email to all members with information about the voting, links to the reading material and will get admin to set up a forum discussion to enable questions to be raised an answered to ensure all members can participate in the conversation.   I also suggest that votes be received by both our Secretary and an independent person to ensure that the voting results are as open and transparent as possible. 

If a postal ballot is held then the AGM will be used to cover the work plan for the coming year for the Executive.  So given the possible outcomes the AGM will cover the following:

Option 1 - If the postal ballot results are YES the Association should move with a new structure:


The work plan discussion will focus on:


  1. Directing the Executive to:
    1. Draft a Strategic Plan - using the existing direction from the membership and any new matters raised at the AGM. 
    2. Draft the Business Plan - from the Strategic Plan.
    3. Draft a budget
    4. Register the new Deed with the appropriate legal authority. 


  1. The Membership will discuss and decide:
    1. How to appoint the Skills Based Board e.g. 
      1. By having 5 names suggested from the floor, the Exec are then tasked with contacting them, obtaining CV's and information about each potential Board member and collating that to be sent to the membership for questions, after which and the Board are appointed.  Or
      2. By having approx 10 (or more)  names put forward by the membership for consideration, the Exec are then given the task to contact each person, obtain the relevant CV and information and set up the system for the membership to vote in their chosen Skills Based Board Members. Or
      3. some other means raised and discussed at the AGM. 
    2. How to appoint the Executive Officer
    3. Schedule the next Special Meeting to fully adopt the new structure and cover  any outstanding issues.. 

Option 2 - If the Postal Ballot results are NO and that the Association should stay with the existing structure, the Work Plan discussion will focus on:

  1. Updating the existing Work Plan
  2. Discussing and raising additional items for the work plan for the Executive to carry out throughout the year. 

Please advise me by Friday 27th of April whether you approve of a Postal Ballot or wish to vote on all issues at the AGM,   your responses should be emailed to .   If 10 or more members vote for a postal ballot, the voting forms will be disseminated approximately 1 week following the 27 April.


Reading Material for the AGM can be found in the menu list when you log into the NZOPA members only section of the website. 

Registrations for the Conference and AGM can be made online here

Kind Regards
Paul Stopforth
President of the NZOPA

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