Postal Ballot and Voting Information

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 We have the required 10 members to go forward with the postal ballot.  Below is information pertaining to both the postal ballot for the decision to move forward with the process for changing the association structure, and also for voting  on the executive.


Firstly with regard to Voting. 


  • All votes will be made by either EMAIL or POST.
  • Votes should be sent to Alarna Tuck at Secretary of the Association.  And only Alarna.
  • No member should approach Alarna about this postal ballot for any discussion about the matters being voted on.
  • This is a secret ballot and therefore all votes will be kept private, counted by the secretary and then destroyed after the AGM.
  • The results of the voting will be released at the AGM and the secretary will keep the results secret until their release at the AGM.
  • For the election of the Executive members by secret ballot, the declaration of results of the voting at the AGM maintains observance of the current Association rules.




Overview of the situation leading to the suggested change of structure for the NZOPA. 


In the past 5 years the association has growing enormously, not only in numbers but in the activity it is doing.  The achievements of past executives include:

- growth in membership

- re-connection and discussion with the funding bodies (ACC and MOH) about the profession as a whole. 

- re-introduction of a professional bench mark and standard through the accreditation process and active involvement in that process by members with a clear pathway for development through phases. 

- Active introduction of methods for professional development through the conference and training days. 

- re-establishment of discussion with prosthetists for collaboration in the future. 

- establishment of discussion with Unitec, the prosthetists, and La Trobe contact about the exploration of a course for technicians to promote professional development, a recognised qualification and a formal training and career pathway for students interested in pursuing a career in orthotics. 


Currently the existing structure of volunteer executive committee means that executive members will need to spend an increasing amount of time both gaining the right knowledge and working to achieve the momentum that the current direction and work plan have the association moving toward.  This direction has been chosen by the membership in past AGM's. 


The recommendation for a change of structure to a skills based board was made for the following reasons:

- recognition of the time and effort required to move the association forward at that strategic level was increasing.

- acknowledgement that the work required to move the association forward at the necessary strategic level requires skills and expertise particularly in machinery of government, education and training, strategic thinking and governance.

- recognition that the association needs champions in those areas to assist in moving the association forward, and more importantly in moving the profession forward.


At the last AGM the suggestion was put forward and the membership voted to direct the new executive to explore the impact, requirements and issues around changing the structure.  The postal ballot will be your opportunity to vote whether to further move toward a change of structure or not.  To make your decision I suggest you read 


1. The last AGM's minutes which includes the suggestion, the discussion and what was decided by the membership and added to the work plan for 2011 - 2012 year. 

2. The business case which has been prepared by the executive which covers the suggestion in more detail, the potential impact that will have and some of the options available. 

3. The SWOT - which looks and the strengths and weaknesses of the existing and proposed new structure, and the opportunities and threats that exist for the association. 


I also suggest that if you have any questions or queries or any points to make you submit them in the online forum which is available for all members to participate in, and or email the executive via the secretary who will then provide the questions/issues raised to all members with the executives response to questions. 


Then cast your vote.  The methodology for that is outlined below. 


This vote does not mean the new structure is automatically adopted, simply that there is move down the pathway toward it.  There is a great deal of work and decision making that needs to happen before any new structure is fully implemented.  It is important for all members to participate in this discussion and voting. 




Executive Position Nominations


Below are the executive positions and nominations.  

President Nominations

Paul Stopforth  (nominated by Shane Jansen, seconded by Cherry Holliday)

Mark Leonida (nominated by Moss Henderson, seconded by Hiren Champenari)


Vice President

Taryn Seaman (nominated by HIren Champenari, seconded by Shiv Sheet)



Alarna Tuck  (nominated by Cherry Holliday, seconded by Shane Jansen)

Noelle Heffron (nominated by Hiren Champenari, seconded by Moss Henderson)



Arjun Sharma  (nominated by Harry Dean, seconded by Paul Stopforth)

Taryn Seaman (nominated by Hiren Champenari, seconded by Mark Leonida)


Education Officer

Cherry Holliday (nominated by Paul Stopforth, seconded by Charl Botha)


Committee Members

Francois Smuts (nominated by Hiren Champenari, seconded by Moss Henderson)

Neil Derbyshire (nominated by Hiren Champenari, seconded by Moss Henderson)

Moss Henderson (nominated by Shiv Sheet, seconded by Hiren Chapenari)

Rogery Odey (nominated by Blair Gardiner, seconded by Paul Stopforth)

Ashley Du Toit (nominated by Chris Pullar, seconded by Paul Stopforth)

Noelle Heffron (nominated by Hiren Champenari and seconded by Moss Henderson)



Board of Certification 

Charl Botha stays on as an existing member and has two more years in this position.

Kerry Vickers (nominated by Cherry Holliday, seconded by Colin Storey)



The voting forms with this newsletter can be downloaded here.  




Registration and information about the NZOPA AGM and Conference can befound here

Kind Regards
Paul Stopforth

NZOPA President

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