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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the New Zealand Orthotics and Prosthetics Association

Held on Sunday 4 may 2014 at Novotel, Ellerslie, Auckland.

PRESENT: Taryn Seaman, Alarna Tuck, Cherry Holliday, Roger Odey, Hiren Champaneri, Philip Luders, Blair Gardiner, Mairead Nolan, Francois Smuts, Shane Jansen, Shraddha Rasal, Jency Johns, Shiv Sheet, Moss Henderson (8.47am) Neil Derbyshire (9.00am)

Meeting declared open by Cherry at 8.37 am. Minutes: Shane Jansen

APOLOGIES: Chris Pullar, Ashley DuToit, Harry Wheoki, Lauren Milstead, Sandra Farquhar, Gary Seaman, Mark Leonida, Pratibha Sheet, Jessica Dunn, Sara Sheehan.

Were accepted as a true and correct record.

Moved: Alarna Tuck Seconded: Hiren Champaneri Agreed.

Future Development Business Case presentation and motion.
This was taken into account by the incoming Executive who evaluated it against time and finances and decided to pursue membership of AHANZ (Allied Health Aotearoa New Zealand) as a priority. It was noted that the Future development matter is not forgotten and executive still want to have a robust and professionally led association.

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PRESIDENTS REPORT: Read out by Cherry Holliday. Appendix 1 Motion to accept.
Moved: Shane Jansen Seconded: Taryn Seaman

FINANCIAL REPORT: Presented by Alarna Tuck. Appendix 2 Motion to accept.
Moved: Taryn Seaman Seconded: Francois Smuts



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Discussion: It was noted that have adopted accrual accounting for the 2014/2015 year on the advice accountant and auditor.

Motion: That the accounts be sent to the auditor. (Graeme Hall) Moved: Philip Luders Seconded: Hirin Champaneri

BOC REPORT: Read out by Philip Luders. Appendix 3 Motion to accept.
Moved: Shane Jansen Seconded: Hirin Champaneri




Discussion: How do we proceed with it? We need to take the membership with us then make the necessary rule changes. The New Executive should undertake to get the Case Study and CPD out to membership so it can be postal balloted and implemented before next AGM. Also needs a legal check. It should be sent it out to all Orthotists including non members.

There was a general feeling in the meeting that it was good to keep promoting accreditation to employers, DHB’s and the MOH.
(9.30 am Moss Henderson had to leave the meeting as she was on call. Returned later in meeting)

STANDARDS OF PRACTICE PRESENTATION: Presented by Cherry Holliday. Appendix 4
Cherry presented a Power Point outline of the draft document including reasoning and process outline.
At the time of AGM we are up to “Draft for consultation” The next step would be to send it out to members for consultation. The work of the sub committees and in particular Cherry was acknowledged. It was also pointed out the document needed to conform to appropriate referencing standards. It was agreed that we should follow the BAPO lead and use the Oxford referencing system. Hyperlinks need to be added also and dated to show when link accessed.

It was agreed that the incoming Executive should send it out to members for consultation and that it should be processed in timely manner to allow us to apply for AHANZ membership as soon as possible.
This lead to discussion of the Ethical Code in the NZOPA Rules which also need to be updated and submitted to AHANZ.

There were questions around point 1(b) Prescribing. Does it need to be removed or rewritten for clarity? It was noted that there is variance between that point and what happens in the market. We can have the option to remove it in the redraft for circulation.

At this point the meeting moved to Election of Officers we were advised that some members had to leave soon to travel.


Proxies held were tabled by Shane Jansen. Taryn Seaman for Lauren Milstead



Moss Henderson or Neil Derbyshire for Mark Leonida. (as Moss was still out Neil held it)

At this point Taryn Seaman advised the meeting she was resigning as VP and not seeking re-election to the Executive. She said that as she was getting married next year she no longer has the time to commit to the role. She outlined: Scope of workload to be aware of if considering a role on Executive. The importance of getting an understanding of the Association first by reading the Rules and not to rely on the role (Executive) to get you up to speed. Recommended a year of membership to get to know how things work before offering themselves for nomination. Important to learn why things are the way they are. The role requires lots of time and reading as there is no admin team to assist.

A vote of thanks was moved for Taryns’s work over the last 4 yrs and for the conference venue organisation.

Moved: Cherry Holliday Seconded: Shane Jansen Agreed
A single nomination for each of the following Roles had been received by due date.

President: Cherry Holliday Nominated by: Shane Jansen

Secretary: Shane Jansen Nominated by: Cherry Holliday

Treasurer: Alarna Tuck Nominated by: Cherry Holliday

Seconded: Alarna Tuck

Seconded: Alarna Tuck

Seconded: Shane Jansen

Committee member: Lauren Milstead.
Nominated by: Shane Jansen Seconded: Cherry Holliday

All were elected unanimously.

It was noted that BOC members were still within their terms of service so no need for election of those officers

Nominations from the floor:

Education Officer:

Philip Luders:
Nominated by: Colin Storey.
Philip declined nomination saying he would like to continue in his BOC role.


Shraddha Rasal
Nominated by: Philip Luders Seconded: Hiren Champaneri Agreed Elected.


That BOC have 3 members continuity of experience. That these are Colin Storey, Philip Luders and Lauren Milstead. They would be joined by Shraddha in her Education officer role.
Moved: Philip Luders Seconded: Taryn seaman

Committee Member:

François Smuts
Nominated by: Alarna Tuck Seconded: Taryn Seaman

The meeting returned to General business.

Blair Gardiner left the meeting.

Ethical code:


In relation to point 1 (b) this point was proposed and agreed to be added to the draft of the ethical code.
“All members will at all times be aware of their scope of practice and refer patients accordingly”

The code of ethics will go out with Case Study, CPD and Standards of Practice draft documents.

Draft updated BOC rules:

This is soon to come to executive for comment. This will not circulate initially as they will be the last thing to be amended as they are dependant on the other documents.

Annual Fees review:

The question was posed do we have enough funds to complete our programme?
Likely costs are for example: Legal fees, increased administration costs, other profession needs and Audit costs.
Possible sources of revenue came from members: Grants, approach companies for support, increased charges for Training days.
Other comments:
Fees set this AGM would apply to the 2015/2016 year and that is likely to be when our expenses begin to rise with proposed programme.
Our fees are very reasonable compared with other Allied health groups.
We have a small membership and even less are BOC accredited.
Those who don’t attend Conference/AGM and do not do Case studies are “carried” by those who do.
Sponsors may be less likely to support dwindling numbers.
We should raise subs so the AGM meeting can be provided at no cost.




That the Executive be charged with preparing a financial case for appropriate membership subs and that this is sent out to members for a postal vote.
Moved: Colin Storey Seconded: Hiren Champaneri Agreed

Colin Storey and Alarna Tuck appointed as a subcommittee to progress this.

Further discussion:
A suggestion that we waive fees for office holders and Conference/AGM organisers in recognition of time spent on roles.
Also question as to whether we should run a conference with the AGM or rather tack the AGM onto some other event that a lot of orthotists are attending. This would allow time and energy for other important business.
Perhaps a 1⁄2 day conference 1⁄2 day AGM.
One large sponsor do 1⁄2 day presentation.
Survey sponsors to see what they want/
Consider shifting date of Conference/AGM to allow 6 month separation between it and Orthotic Centre Clinical Conference.
Can open NZOPA conference to other Allied Health groups.

Executive asked to consider all this .

Amendments to the Constitution of the NZOPA:

No amendments tabled.

ACC consultation document:

The NZOPA has not received anything from ACC to date nor had anyone present. Cherry will follow this up with Jenny Robertson.

Venue for next years Conference/AGM:

It was agreed that we would use the same venue again.
It has been a good venue and they are familiar with our requirements. Parking is good.

Discussion about how best to keep records, share information and preserve intuitional knowledge within Exec. Google Docs or similar cloud systems recommended to avoid multiple versions being created unintentionally.


Agreed to keep this the same for continuity. Shraddha has agreed to clear it and forward material to the Secretary.

Meeting ended at 12.09.

NZOPA_AGM_2014_minutes.pdf (Size: 190.53 KB)

Posted: Friday 14 November 2014

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